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Terrific Toucans

1 to 2
The Terrific Toucans classroom consists of children ages 1 to 2  years. The teachers really focus on creating an atmosphere enriched with vocabulary and activities to encourage independence. In the Terrific Toucans class the children are growing at a rapid pace so lesson plans and individual plans are created weekly to facilitate each child’s developmental pace. You will often see the young toddlers going for walks around the block, playing on the playground or exploring in their own classroom. The teachers work diligently on establishing self-help practices such as handwashing skills and the beginning skills needed for potty training. A lot of growth happens in the Terrific Toucans classroom and energy is needed to keep up with this exciting age group!
Current Happenings: 

For the remainder of February and into March the Toucans will be talking about Community Helpers, Dr. Seuss, animals and dinosaurs. Some activities planned include reading stories, singing songs, playing a stop and go game, dinosaur stomp, making butter as well as more hands on activities.

Sometimes we paint, have fun and get messy. You may want to wear older clothes to the center and/or please make sure that your child always has a change of clothes at the Center. Do NOT bring food or drink into the center unless approved by staff. Check your child’s cubby for art work, special papers and soiled clothing to go home. Check to see if your child needs diapers. Blankets go home on Fridays to be washed and returned the following week.