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Playful Parrots

2 to 3
The Playful Parrots classroom consists of children ages 2 to 3  years. The teachers ensure a positive learning environment that promotes safety, acceptence and fundamental skill development. The Playful Parrot room provides a large part of the foundation for establishing personal care routines and practicing healthy habits.  In this room you will often see the beginnings of diving deeper into study topics as the Parrots learn about transportation, insects, pets, camping and forest animals just to name a few. Every child is given opportunities for hands-on exploration and discovery while establishing relationships with their friends!
Current Happenings: 

The last two weeks of  February the Parrots will be talking about Community Helpers. Some activities planned include making fire hats, putting out pretend fires, practicing fire safety,  building a town with boxes, having a post office and painting with kitchen utensils. We will be welcoming a few guest community helpers into our center as well to talk with the kids.

During March the Parrots will be discussing topics related to nursery rhymes, Dr. Seuss, animal babies, frogs, snakes, reptiles and dinosaurs. Some activities planned include making Dr. Seuss Hats, making a 7 layer birthday cake for Dr. Seuss, having a Dr. Seuss birthday party and walking through paint on paper.

Please make sure that your child always has a change of clothes at the Center. Do NOT bring food or drink into the center unless approved by staff. Mark your child’s coat with their name. A sign-up sheet will be available for donations for the 7 layer cake. We need scrap paper and  plastic grocery bags.