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Outstanding Owls

4 years to Kindergarten
The Outstanding Owls classroom is our oldest preschool class with children ages 4 years to Kindergarten. This room focuses on getting children developmentally ready for Kindergarten  by teaching them socially acceptable ways to manage emotions, recognizing and reacting appropriately to social cues, how to use learning tools and follow multiple-step directions. The Owls classroom is an academia enriched room where the children conduct in depth studies on topics such as outer space, transportation, shapes and much more. The Owls use hands-on investigative techniques to explore their topics. You can usually find them conducting weekly science experiments, making charts and cooking up new things to try.  
Current Happenings: 

The last two weeks of  February the Owls will be talking about Community Helpers. We will be welcoming a few guest community helpers into our center as well to talk with the kids. They will be tie dying t-shirts on Friday February 19th.

During March the Owls will be discussing topics related to nursery rhymes, Dr. Seuss, animal babies, frogs, snakes, reptiles and dinosaurs. Some activities planned include making elephant toothpaste, blubber science and animal number recognition.

Reminders and A Note from the Teacher: Please make sure that your child always has a change of clothes at the Center. We will be going outside when the temperature allows so please dress your child accordingly.

“I am really enjoying being in the Owls Class. Feel free to contact me about any questions or concerns you may have.” -Miss. Courtney