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Fabulous Flamingos

3 to 4
The Fabulous Flamingos classroom consist of children ages 3 to 4 years. The children spend their time enjoying many hands-on learning projects, reading stories together and playing in a variety of interest areas. In this room the teachers and children are involved in continuous investigation of new ideas and study topics. They get very excited when large prop items are added to the centers related to what they are curious about. For instance, when studying the topic of ice cream, a makeshift ice cream parlor was added to their indoor play where the kids thoroughly enjoyed taking orders and serving ice cream to each other. The Fabulous Flamingos' teachers  focus on each childs individualized learning goals while making sure to maintain their interests and have fun. You can find the children exploring outside and taking field trips when the weather permits!
Current Happenings: 

The last two weeks of  February the Flamingos will be talking about Community Helpers. Some activities planned include counting fires before putting them out, talking about fire safety and making fire extinguishers. We will be welcoming a few guest community helpers into our center as well to talk with the kids. During March the Flamingos will be discussing topics related to nursery rhymes, Dr. Seuss, animal babies, frogs, snakes, reptiles and dinosaurs. Some activities planned include making green eggs and ham, wacky Wednesday, silly hair day, backwards day, sorting colors, sorting water animals from land animals and picking  a favorite animal.

Please make sure that your child always has a change of clothes at the center. Do NOT bring toys from home, we are not responsible for them being lost or broken.

In March we will be talking about Dr. Seuss and having a silly week to do fun things such as wear our hair crazy one day. Please be on the lookout for these dates as we would like all children to participate.