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Charming Chickadees

6 weeks to 12 months
The Charming Chickadee classroom consists of children ages 6 weeks to 12 months. The infants spend time exploring their classroom filled with activities that promote learning and enrich individual cognitive and social-emotional needs. The eye-level shelves are stocked with childrens books, building blocks, sensory toys and more. The infants can also be seen enjoying the outdoors on a ride in one of our Bye Bye Buggies! Our teachers work diligently at providing each child the opportunity to reach their ever-so-important developmental milestones!
Current Happenings: 

The last two weeks of  February the Chickadees will be making valentine’s handprints, reading and singing and working on gross motor skills. During March the Chickadees will be discussing topics related to nursery rhymes, Dr. Seuss, animal babies, frogs, snakes, reptiles and dinosaurs. Some activities planned include Left feet, right feet footprints, working on communication-talking and making faces to see if the child repeats and laughs, working on personal-social, making tractor footprints, making dinosaur tracks, painting pigs to look like they were playing in the mud and painting paper plate turtles.

Please make sure that your child always has a change of clothes at the center and check Daily Report Sheet.