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6 weeks to 12 months
The Charming Chickadee classroom consists of children ages 6 weeks to 12 months. The infants spend time exploring their classroom filled with activities that promote learning and enrich individual cognitive and social-emotional needs. The eye-level shelves are stocked with childrens books, building blocks, sensory toys and more. The infants can also be seen enjoying the outdoors on a ride in one of our Bye Bye Buggies! Our teachers work diligently at providing each child the opportunity to reach their ever-so-important developmental milestones!
1 to 2
The Terrific Toucans classroom consists of children ages 1 to 2  years. The teachers really focus on creating an atmosphere enriched with vocabulary and activities to encourage independence. In the Terrific Toucans class the children are growing at a rapid pace so lesson plans and individual plans are created weekly to facilitate each child’s developmental pace. You will often see the young toddlers going for walks around the block, playing on the playground or exploring in their own classroom. The teachers work diligently on establishing self-help practices such as handwashing skills and the beginning skills needed for potty training. A lot of growth happens in the Terrific Toucans classroom and energy is needed to keep up with this exciting age group!
2 to 3
The Playful Parrots classroom consists of children ages 2 to 3  years. The teachers ensure a positive learning environment that promotes safety, acceptence and fundamental skill development. The Playful Parrot room provides a large part of the foundation for establishing personal care routines and practicing healthy habits.  In this room you will often see the beginnings of diving deeper into study topics as the Parrots learn about transportation, insects, pets, camping and forest animals just to name a few. Every child is given opportunities for hands-on exploration and discovery while establishing relationships with their friends!
3 to 4
The Fabulous Flamingos classroom consist of children ages 3 to 4 years. The children spend their time enjoying many hands-on learning projects, reading stories together and playing in a variety of interest areas. In this room the teachers and children are involved in continuous investigation of new ideas and study topics. They get very excited when large prop items are added to the centers related to what they are curious about. For instance, when studying the topic of ice cream, a makeshift ice cream parlor was added to their indoor play where the kids thoroughly enjoyed taking orders and serving ice cream to each other. The Fabulous Flamingos' teachers  focus on each childs individualized learning goals while making sure to maintain their interests and have fun. You can find the children exploring outside and taking field trips when the weather permits!
4 years to Kindergarten
The Outstanding Owls classroom is our oldest preschool class with children ages 4 years to Kindergarten. This room focuses on getting children developmentally ready for Kindergarten  by teaching them socially acceptable ways to manage emotions, recognizing and reacting appropriately to social cues, how to use learning tools and follow multiple-step directions. The Owls classroom is an academia enriched room where the children conduct in depth studies on topics such as outer space, transportation, shapes and much more. The Owls use hands-on investigative techniques to explore their topics. You can usually find them conducting weekly science experiments, making charts and cooking up new things to try.